Monday, 5 March 2012

Is This Your Quiet Time? Then Deep Clean Your Kitchen!

Ideally all businesses would be in demand all year round but for some establishments there will be quieter times and an opportunity to catch up with essential checks and maintenance.
This is particularly applicable to venues that house catering facilities where grease and dirt build-up can create problems and be a health and fire hazard.
Insurance companies, health and safety requirements and fire legislation insist on risk assessments being regularly carried out and the busier the kitchen the more frequent the checks need to be.
Carrying out a programme of deep cleaning throughout the year is wise and precautionary route to take but for some businesses the best opportunity to carry out this maintenance is during their ‘close season’.
Ingot Services urges business owners and managers to seek proper professional cleaning services and to make sure that only visible surfaces are cleaned but also those hidden from view, for example air extraction units. Ingot’s Managing Director Alan Maynard explains: “A greasy air duct positioned over flames is a fire waiting to happen, and with flues often going up throughout a building the outcome can be devastating, but entirely avoidable with regular cleaning. Ingot Services issue a Certificate of Cleanliness that will satisfy insurers that appropriate measures have been taken to protect against the outbreak of a kitchen fire.”
For more information on Ingot Services specialist kitchen cleaning services which include kitchen deep cleaning, kitchen extract cleaning and duct work cleaning visit or call us free on 0800 731 7892

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