Tuesday, 29 September 2015

8 Ways High Level Cleaning Can Save Your Business Money

High Level Cleaning – Saving Your Business Money

8 Ways High Level Cleaning Can Save Your Business Money

Arranging high level cleaning for your business can, very naturally, be seen as just one more overhead that your business has to bear, along with rent, rates, insurance, and so on.

Viewing it as an overhead can easily lead to a temptation to cut corners and minimise the frequency of cleaning. However, high level cleaning can also be seen as a means to protect important aspects of your business and can even help your business to save money in the long term.

Ingot Services, specialists in high level interior and exterior cleaning, outline eight ways we can help your bottom line.

Protecting products and stock – In many businesses, particularly food and beverage production and storage, cleanliness is an essential feature of the business. A single instance of food contamination can cause significant losses in terms of ingredients or finished product that has to be destroyed. And in the worst case can also result in significant reputational damage if the contaminated products reach customers. Regular removal of dirt and dust from high areas is a vital complement to the rigorous cleanliness standards enforced at ground level.

Protecting equipment – Dust can be a near-invisible threat to expensive machinery, threatening to reduce performance or make breakdowns more likely. It can be a problem both for traditional mechanical equipment and for modern electronically based equipment. Keeping down dust and dirt levels in high areas can save you thousands in unplanned equipment downtime.

Reducing fire risk – A build up of dust or other debris is a fire risk in any type of business, but can be especially dangerous in industrial environments where high temperatures occur as a matter of course (e.g. bakeries and other food production environments, factories involving heat process such as plastics moulding and metal working). Even in less obvious risky environments, dust can be a fire risk when combined with quite modest sources of heat or electricity, such as high overhead lighting systems present in many shops and showrooms. Even a small fire can be hugely disruptive to a business in terms of time lost – and of course if a fire starts in a high place it will be virtually impossible for it to be put out quickly by staff. High level cleaning (combined of course with a good ground level cleaning regimen) is therefore an important measure in protecting your business from the risk of fire. In fact, insurers will frequently want to see evidence of regular cleaning as a condition of offering insurance.

Preventing damage – Cleaning is not just about aesthetics, but has an important role in preventing damage due to build up of dirt and debris in key areas. Examples might include blockages and obstructions in, for example, guttering, ventilation outlets and overflow pipes. This type of obstruction can result in leaks or water damage, or to incorrect or inefficient operation of HVAC systems – all of which can be expensive to put right.

Detecting damage early – One key benefit of high level cleaning is that it provides an opportunity to see parts of a building's infrastructure that cannot be seen from ground level. Cleaners working just a few feet from roofs, external cladding or interior beams and ducts can often provide a useful early warning system about missing tiles, small holes or cracks, or other features which, if left untended, could result in a more serious problem later on. While cleaning should not be a substitute for regular building maintenance, it can provide a useful extra check that could save your company thousands in repairs.

Detecting vermin – In addition to general dust accumulation, high up areas can, if not tended regularly, provide safe havens for a wide variety of wildlife, including insects, spiders, birds and even mice. This can give rise to droppings, cobwebs and nests which can be a significant health hazard for staff and visitors. Regular high level cleaning prevents such creatures getting a foothold in your premises, and can help to warn you if specific pest control measures may be needed.

Improving the image of your business – Businesses spend millions on branding and advertising in order to influence how their business is perceived by potential customers. The appearance of your premises, both inside and out, will form part of this perception, either on a conscious or unconscious level, and can have an effect on how clients and customers feel about your products and about doing business with you. 

Maintaining the value of your buildings – If you own your business premises then cleaning (including clearing out gutters, cleaning external cladding, brickwork, signage etc.) will make your premises more appealing to prospective future owners. If you rent or lease your premises, then you will almost certainly be required to keep the premises in good condition, or you could face an unwelcome cleaning bill at the end of the lease as part of a "making good" clause in your lease contract. 

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