Monday, 23 January 2012

Avoid Residential Home Fire Risk and Evacuation Nightmares with Ingot

The thought of a domestic fire breaking out fills us all
with horror and dread but for Care Home staff the worry of having to swiftly
evacuate many vulnerable people at one time is immense. If you are a manager of
a care home no doubt you take preventative measures wherever possible but are you
confident that all areas of fire prevention are being given the appropriate
attention that is needed? Keeping visible work services clean is practising
good standards of hygiene but one area of the kitchen equipment can sometimes
be overlooked and with potentially hazardous results. Air extraction and
ventilation systems work hard at removing the cooking smells from kitchens and
as a result of this grease can quickly build up to a point where further exposure
to a naked flame can cause a fire within the unit, spreading quickly throughout
the duct work and the building and endangering
staff and residents. But peace of
mind is just a phone call away. Call us at Ingot Services - our team can quickly
arrange a visit to best suit you. By providing you with a first rate and highly
effective, regular deep clean of all kitchen equipment, especially greasy
extractor systems, Ingot helps you reduce the risk of fire and what could be
potentially awful consequences.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

De-Grease Your Kitchen Extraction Units and Protect Your Restaurant from Fire

At Ingot we understand that running or owning a busy
restaurant is certainly a demanding job and keeping on top of the work load can
seem like a mountainous task but there is one area which, for safety’s sake,
should always be top of your list. Keeping kitchen work surfaces and equipment clean
as part of a daily routine is very much part of a health and safety discipline
but some areas can be overlooked. Air Extraction Units are essential for
keeping the working environment as clean as possible but the inevitable build
up of grease from extraction can be a fire time bomb waiting to happen if the units
themselves are not given a deep and regular clean. At Ingot Services we can
offer you a comprehensive and certified kitchen cleaning service that will not
only give you maximum peace of mind but satisfy your insurers that all steps
are being taken to avoid fire outbreak – as restaurant owners know complying
with Fire safety Order Law is not worth cutting corners on. Last year saw a nationwide network of bakeries, land a £50,000 fine, plus £20,000
in costs for breaching the Fire Safety Order. And a London Liverpool Street
food outlet was the scene of a major fire caused by inadequate duct

Monday, 9 January 2012

Quiet Season Ideal Time for Essential Kitchen Maintenance and Cleaning

As hotels and restaurants settle down after hustle and bustle of the festive season, certified kitchen cleaning professionals, Ingot Services, highlight the risks of health, safety and even hefty fines increased by busy custom that can easily be taken care of during January downtime.
A build-up of grease in extractor hoods and air ducts can be the cause of fires that devastate buildings and businesses and after a period of high usage the risks will be greater still.
Once the season of celebration is over, some commercial kitchens will experience a quieter start to the New Year making it an ideal time to plan for essential kitchen maintenance and deep cleaning, reducing the very real threat of future fire outbreak.

“A greasy air duct positioned over flames is a fire waiting to happen, and with flues often going up throughout a building the outcome can be devastating but avoidable with regular cleaning,” explains Alan Maynard,Managing Director of Ingot Services. “With extra custom over Christmas and New Year, restaurants will need to make sure that they keep up with the strict fire safetyregulations on clean ductwork, and a quieter time in January is an ideal opportunity to do this.”
Ingot Services specialises in cleaning extract systems, something that is easy to overlook but as too many news stories indicate, doing so can be disastrous. Taking a short cut and doing it yourself is not advisable as supportable proof of cleanliness is a major requirement of most insurancepolicies after the introduction of the Fire Safety Order in 2005.
With many years of experience in the industry, Alan is aware of the proof restaurants need. He says, “We issue a Certificate of Cleanliness that will satisfy insurers that appropriate measures have been taken to protect against the outbreak of a kitchen fire, saving our customers from hefty fines as well as reducing fire risk.”

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Start 2012 With A Clean Slate

Ingot’s Certified Cleaning Service – Keeping Your Insurers HappyWith the various accreditations that are needed to comply with your business insurance policies,
our team at Ingot Services can provide you with a range of deep kitchen cleaning services to help protect and maintain your policy. We are specialists in the effective removal of grease from air duct systems which when left can be a potential fire risk. After each visit we supply our customers with a Certificate of Cleanliness to further prove to insurers that the work has been carried out by certified professionals. Insurers are increasingly requesting this as part of fire risk assessment. Every year buildings are devastated as a result of fire breaking out in uncleaned extractor systems in commercial kitchens. At Ingot we know that this type of fire not only causes extreme
physical damage but it can ruin a business for good if insurance is not in place. We would therefore advise all owners and managers out there to reduce any risk in the first place by adopting a regular cleaning programme which will ensure confidence that should the worst happen their claim will be processed and before long they will be back in business.
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