Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Keeping Your Standards High with Ingot's Deep Clean Service

Nobody’s suggesting that you are running a less than clean ship but even the cleanest of kitchens can still have areas of grease build up in hard to reach places that might escape the cleaning carried out on a daily basis.
Fridge and freezer seals, high shelving, between units and underneath or behind cookers and fridges are all areas where dirt and grease can soon build up and in doing so can pose something of a health risk.
The best way to tackle this potential hazard is to carry out a regular Deep Kitchen Clean and Alan Maynard of Ingot Services recommends doing so at least once a year.
“Having high standards within a kitchen is a good motivator for staff if they see how committed you are to paying attention to the details. Coupled with this it must always be drummed home how damaging it is to a business to have customer illness being attributed to poor kitchen hygiene. Deep Kitchen Cleaning should be complementary to the everyday cleaning carried out by staff,” explains Alan.
Demonstrating that you have regular deep cleaning as well as a regime of thorough and effective daily cleaning will go a long way to impressing any Environmental Health Officer and show that you are aware of current Health and Safety Legislation and its importance in the work place.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hospitals Look For Deep Clean Solutions for Maximum Safety

Whatever the establishment, where food is prepared and cooked the topmost requirements must be cleanliness and fire prevention.
Nowhere is this more vital than in hospitals across the country, where sizable quantities of food are prepared on a daily basis for sick and vulnerable people.
Maintenance and cleaning of visible equipment is essential at all times but perhaps easier to track and monitor compared to the hidden areas where bacteria can build along with grease deposits, which if left un-cleaned can become a very real fire hazard.
Alan Maynard, Director of Ingot services, explains, “These fires can spread quickly following the line of extraction up and throughout the building causing widespread damage and a real danger to everyone within the building and when you are dealing with largely bedridden people the consequences are too awful to think about. That is why the risks must be addressed.”
Ingot Services Ltd recommends a regular programme of cleaning for all busy kitchens and the Ingot team are experts in deep cleaning for hospitals and health organisations. We are specialists in cleaning air ducts to a standard that complies with the accreditations needed to comply with not only insurance requirements but also the law.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Is This Your Quiet Time? Then Deep Clean Your Kitchen!

Ideally all businesses would be in demand all year round but for some establishments there will be quieter times and an opportunity to catch up with essential checks and maintenance.
This is particularly applicable to venues that house catering facilities where grease and dirt build-up can create problems and be a health and fire hazard.
Insurance companies, health and safety requirements and fire legislation insist on risk assessments being regularly carried out and the busier the kitchen the more frequent the checks need to be.
Carrying out a programme of deep cleaning throughout the year is wise and precautionary route to take but for some businesses the best opportunity to carry out this maintenance is during their ‘close season’.
Ingot Services urges business owners and managers to seek proper professional cleaning services and to make sure that only visible surfaces are cleaned but also those hidden from view, for example air extraction units. Ingot’s Managing Director Alan Maynard explains: “A greasy air duct positioned over flames is a fire waiting to happen, and with flues often going up throughout a building the outcome can be devastating, but entirely avoidable with regular cleaning. Ingot Services issue a Certificate of Cleanliness that will satisfy insurers that appropriate measures have been taken to protect against the outbreak of a kitchen fire.”
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