Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hospitals Look For Deep Clean Solutions for Maximum Safety

Whatever the establishment, where food is prepared and cooked the topmost requirements must be cleanliness and fire prevention.
Nowhere is this more vital than in hospitals across the country, where sizable quantities of food are prepared on a daily basis for sick and vulnerable people.
Maintenance and cleaning of visible equipment is essential at all times but perhaps easier to track and monitor compared to the hidden areas where bacteria can build along with grease deposits, which if left un-cleaned can become a very real fire hazard.
Alan Maynard, Director of Ingot services, explains, “These fires can spread quickly following the line of extraction up and throughout the building causing widespread damage and a real danger to everyone within the building and when you are dealing with largely bedridden people the consequences are too awful to think about. That is why the risks must be addressed.”
Ingot Services Ltd recommends a regular programme of cleaning for all busy kitchens and the Ingot team are experts in deep cleaning for hospitals and health organisations. We are specialists in cleaning air ducts to a standard that complies with the accreditations needed to comply with not only insurance requirements but also the law.

For more information on Ingot Services specialist kitchen cleaning services visit www.ingotservices.co.uk or call us free on 0800 731 7892

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