Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Making Sure You Meet Hygiene Standards

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Experts Ingot Services advise on making sure you meet hygiene standards 

Commercial kitchen cleaning is the foundation of hygiene in any establishment preparing or serving food to the public. With the introduction of the Food Hygiene Ratings system, many food businesses are putting their current hygiene practices under the spotlight and considering whether there is room for improvement, and at Ingot Services we are ready to support those efforts.

5 Potential Hygiene Problems in Commercial Kitchens

Daily cleaning, even if done regularly as required, can often miss some areas, in particular  grease, which can harbour bacteria. There is also a risk that hard-to-reach crevices can be overlooked, so that dirt builds up without you realising.
Some areas can't be reached in a daily clean – for instance, kitchen extracts and canopies, or walls and floors behind and under large appliances.
Some kitchen equipment requires specialists to take it apart and clean it thoroughly.
Deep cleaning requires kitchen being out of operation for a period of time. Establishments find it hard to set time aside for this to be done without disrupting business, so it gets put off.
Daily commercial kitchen cleaning routines may not always be thorough enough. If the cleaning regime that has been drawn up doesn't address all the areas that need to be included, then hygiene problems can arise, even though staff are following the set routine to the best of their ability.

5 Solutions to Ensure You Beat These Risks

Regular deep cleans, together with the following of a daily cleaning routine, will mean that dirt and grease can never build up to levels which would concern a hygiene inspector.
Scheduled cleaning of canopies and extracts by specialists ensures no dangerous build-up. Ingot Services are specialists in ductwork cleaning and can advise you on how often this needs to be carried out for your particular kitchen. Deep cleaning also needs to be carried out regularly to ensure that there is no build-up of dirt in hard-to-reach areas.
Ingot can also carry out commercial kitchen equipment cleaning, including difficult jobs such as tackling restaurant deep fat fryers.
Having a deep cleaning session scheduled makes it happen. Also, Ingot can arrange overnight cleans if required to minimise any downtime. Regular deep cleaning sessions act as a complement to daily cleaning to ensure that your kitchen hygiene is always up to the expected standards.
It is important constantly to check that the daily cleaning regime which has been drawn up for the kitchen is addressing all the areas where there could potentially be any problem, and to keep up to date with the latest hygiene regulations and requirements. There is a regulatory requirement for a planned cleaning protocol, enforced by environmental health officers. 

About Ingot Services

As experts in commercial kitchen cleaning, we at Ingot Services provide regularly scheduled deep cleans, which are the best way of ensuring consistency, and can draw up a schedule to suit you. We can also provide one-off deep cleans where these are needed, for instance when taking over a business or at the start of a new season. To discuss your requirements, contact us on 0800 731 7892 and we can talk over your needs before visiting the premises. 

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