Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Make Your Kitchen Staff Aware of Fire Risks

One of the most common causes of fires in restaurant kitchens is when grease has been allowed to build up in the air extraction systems and in a busy kitchen with a high-level of frying then the risk is significant.
Alan Maynard, Managing Director of Ingot Services knows only too well of the dangers: “Keeping a regular programme of thorough cleaning of all the equipment including the extraction duct work will help prevent grease building up and reduce the chance of combustion as well as keeping your insurance company happy”.
It is also vital that all members of staff who are working in the kitchen are made aware of fire risks and that they are fully trained to know how to react should a fire break out. Designating one staff member to be to be aware of the cleaning programme, carry out regular fire assessments, and report any faulty equipment or any potential fire hazards to the management is a great idea and works well for many establishments.

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