Monday, 6 February 2012

Ingot MD Continues His Support For Rugby Club

Alan Maynard, our Managing Director here at Ingot Services is not just a great fan of rugby; having played the sport for many years he is also keen to offer his support to his local clubs.

Alan is a long serving volunteer for the Ipswich Rugby Club, which runs one of the largest mini and youth sections in the Eastern Counties, Alan and Ingot Services help to promote the club by sponsoring a regular newsletter and charting all the club’s latest news and information.

Recently Alan also purchased some gym benches for the Ipswich Rugby Club as a contribution to their campaign for this season and the future.

“Keeping a sports club in shape is an expensive business with equipment, building and pitch maintenance costs all adding up. If a few more local businesses could get involved in this way it would take some of the pressure off some of the clubs who do such a good job for grass roots sports,” he explains.

For more information on Ipswich Rugby Club and how to get involved visit:

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