Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Start 2012 With A Clean Slate

Ingot’s Certified Cleaning Service – Keeping Your Insurers HappyWith the various accreditations that are needed to comply with your business insurance policies,
our team at Ingot Services can provide you with a range of deep kitchen cleaning services to help protect and maintain your policy. We are specialists in the effective removal of grease from air duct systems which when left can be a potential fire risk. After each visit we supply our customers with a Certificate of Cleanliness to further prove to insurers that the work has been carried out by certified professionals. Insurers are increasingly requesting this as part of fire risk assessment. Every year buildings are devastated as a result of fire breaking out in uncleaned extractor systems in commercial kitchens. At Ingot we know that this type of fire not only causes extreme
physical damage but it can ruin a business for good if insurance is not in place. We would therefore advise all owners and managers out there to reduce any risk in the first place by adopting a regular cleaning programme which will ensure confidence that should the worst happen their claim will be processed and before long they will be back in business.
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