Monday, 23 January 2012

Avoid Residential Home Fire Risk and Evacuation Nightmares with Ingot

The thought of a domestic fire breaking out fills us all
with horror and dread but for Care Home staff the worry of having to swiftly
evacuate many vulnerable people at one time is immense. If you are a manager of
a care home no doubt you take preventative measures wherever possible but are you
confident that all areas of fire prevention are being given the appropriate
attention that is needed? Keeping visible work services clean is practising
good standards of hygiene but one area of the kitchen equipment can sometimes
be overlooked and with potentially hazardous results. Air extraction and
ventilation systems work hard at removing the cooking smells from kitchens and
as a result of this grease can quickly build up to a point where further exposure
to a naked flame can cause a fire within the unit, spreading quickly throughout
the duct work and the building and endangering
staff and residents. But peace of
mind is just a phone call away. Call us at Ingot Services - our team can quickly
arrange a visit to best suit you. By providing you with a first rate and highly
effective, regular deep clean of all kitchen equipment, especially greasy
extractor systems, Ingot helps you reduce the risk of fire and what could be
potentially awful consequences.

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