Wednesday, 18 January 2012

De-Grease Your Kitchen Extraction Units and Protect Your Restaurant from Fire

At Ingot we understand that running or owning a busy
restaurant is certainly a demanding job and keeping on top of the work load can
seem like a mountainous task but there is one area which, for safety’s sake,
should always be top of your list. Keeping kitchen work surfaces and equipment clean
as part of a daily routine is very much part of a health and safety discipline
but some areas can be overlooked. Air Extraction Units are essential for
keeping the working environment as clean as possible but the inevitable build
up of grease from extraction can be a fire time bomb waiting to happen if the units
themselves are not given a deep and regular clean. At Ingot Services we can
offer you a comprehensive and certified kitchen cleaning service that will not
only give you maximum peace of mind but satisfy your insurers that all steps
are being taken to avoid fire outbreak – as restaurant owners know complying
with Fire safety Order Law is not worth cutting corners on. Last year saw a nationwide network of bakeries, land a £50,000 fine, plus £20,000
in costs for breaching the Fire Safety Order. And a London Liverpool Street
food outlet was the scene of a major fire caused by inadequate duct

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