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Duct Work Cleaning: Advice from Ingot Services on Keeping HVAC Systems Clean

Flu Season: The Importance of Clean Ventilation Systems

As the flu season arrives, it is essential to be meticulous about hygiene in order to avoid spreading germs, and duct work cleaning is an aspect of this that must not be forgotten.

Every winter, many of us have flu jabs at the start of the season. These are provided on the NHS for older people and those who suffer from various health conditions. Small children are now also being offered a routine immunisation via a nasal spray. In addition, some employers provide injections for their workforce and it is possible to have an injection privately at a chemist's. 

There are also annual advertising campaigns advising people to be careful about hygiene, for instance by washing hands frequently and throwing away tissues rather than leaving them lying around. Recent outbreaks of swine flu have raised awareness of how vital these measures are and there is an increased knowledge that surfaces can harbour germs and pass them on to other people. 

To minimise this risk, sanitiser gels are used in many workplaces, especially in hospitals and health clinics, but also in offices and factories. Some people even carry a bottle of gel around for extra reassurance. Wrapping up warmly, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and giving up smoking are additional ways to boost health in the flu season.

Workplace Hygiene to Guard Against Disease

At the same time as emphasising personal health and hygiene, it is also important to ensure the workplace itself is spotlessly clean and that germs and bacteria are not being spread around. Daily cleaning routines need to be carried out carefully and, in premises such as commercial kitchens, regular deep cleaning is also vital. Allowing any build-up of grease can all too easily let bacteria breed. 

Installing ventilation systems will boost to health by raising the air quality in a workplace. However, it is essential to realise that, if HVAC systems are not maintained properly, they can carry cold and flu viruses and spread them to other people. More serious illnesses, such as superbugs, can also be spread via ventilation pipework.

Another problem is that if dust and dirt are allowed to build up in ductwork systems, these can also lead to allergy symptoms and sinus or respiratory problems, which can make it harder to fight off colds and other infections, including flu. This means that duct work cleaning is vital to remove the risks of spreading dirt and illness. It is also important this is done regularly and professionally to avoid any build-up of debris and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. There is a legal requirement for all HVAC systems to be cleaned every two years, but in some types of building this needs to be done more often, depending on the type of business and the level of use.

About Ingot Services

If you want your ventilation system cleaned as the flu season approaches, Ingot Services are experts in duct work cleaning and provide a professional and reliable service to customers in Suffolk and across the UK. We will advise you on drawing up a schedule for cleaning your HVAC system regularly, clear filters in between full cleans, and provide you with the paperwork you need for your records.

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