Friday, 10 May 2013

Your Duct Work Cleaning – The Importance of Choosing Professionals With The Right Accreditations

Duct work cleaning is an essential element of health and safety in the workplace and as such there is a strict set of legislation in place to help you manage it. In fact, in order to stay legal, and to keep your insurance company happy and your policy valid, workplace health and safety laws state that you will need to choose a professional duct work cleaning company with the right accreditations to carry out this work.

This ensures that your duct work cleaning is carried out using the correct tools and equipment and that specific standards are met to ensure the air that is circulated is safe, and that any potential blockages are cleared. The accreditations that your duct work cleaning company hold will assure you that they have the right levels of training to make your ventilation safe.

Accreditations To Look For

In the course of their duties Ingot Services have chosen the following three accreditations as a base for their work.  Of course, there are many others that companies may choose from, but the HVAC accreditation is key to ensuring you meet your requirements by law. 

  • HVAC

    Managed by the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association, there are around 1,500 HVAC accredited members in the UK. HVAC is the UK’s lead trade association and is the recognised accreditation for compliance with the law.
  • Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

    The CHAS provides assessment and accreditation to ensure compliance in acceptable levels of health and safety. Assessments are carried out annually offering you additional peace of mind that your chosen duct work cleaning company takes health and safety seriously, across the board.
  • Safe Contractor Register

    With over 18,000 contractor members, the Safe Contractor Register is another health and safety accreditation scheme, with the purpose of ensuring that your chosen duct work cleaning company is competent in their field. 

When it comes to keeping to the letter of legal requirements, it isn’t just for your company and the law that you need to keep stringent records for. Your insurance company will probably also require legal compliance in order for your policy to remain valid, and in the case of an incident involving your duct work, such as fire or the spread of harmful bacteria, if you have not adhered to the legislation surrounding duct work cleaning, your insurance may not pay out.

At Ingot Services, we pride ourselves on our professional and customer friendly services. With health and safety at our core, for both our customers and our own company, we will provide you with the paperwork to prove your legal compliance, as well as keeping records and photographic evidence for you.

Choose Ingot Services – your professionally accredited HVAC duct work cleaning.


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