Thursday, 11 April 2013

Is Going Out To Eat Going Out of Vogue? A Fast Food Recession Review from Duct Work Cleaning Company Ingot Services

Carrying out kitchen deep cleaning and duct work cleaning within commercial kitchens and talking with our customers, at Ingot Services we are in a prime position to see the results of changes taking place in the hospitality and food services industry, as well as the effects that the economy is having on catering businesses . 

A Change In Choice

While going out certainly isn’t going out of fashion – and in fact more people than ever seem to be taking advantage of a night off and having a sociable meal out – looking for cost effectiveness has become a fact in all aspects of life. Looking at value first and foremost, and expecting it across the menu, the recession has changed the way in which diners choose their restaurants, and therefore their dining experience too. 

This can be seen in the fact that the fast food industry has not been adversely affected by the recession and in fact, has seen something of a resurgence. Having previously been the ‘unhealthy option’ and therefore often shunned in favour of more expensive restaurants, the economic downturn has sent  many people back through their doors. 

Clawing back positive association, big brand names have also used the fact that the spotlight has turned once again to them during the recession, in their favour. Refreshing their identities, creating healthier menus and embracing corporate social responsibility and environmental issues, many more people now feel that fast food offers a safe and cost effective dining option for the family – a new reputation that may well see them retaining a more loyal customer base even once the economy has started to right itself.

Taking this all into consideration, value offers have also become much more common across the board, and we have seen many of our duct work cleaning customers  such as pubs and cafes cutting their prices to the bone in a bid to stay competitive, creating offers for free additional courses or unlimited fries.

Recession Proofing Advice From Our Customers
Many of our duct work cleaning customers across the board are recession proofing their own restaurants and eateries with a variety of offers and strategies, and their tips include:

Entice your diners with relevant offers, such as pre-football lunch menus. You should have a packed house at lunchtime, plus the opportunity to engage and enhance loyalty for future dining.

Offer a set menu as well as a la carte – this will highlight the good value that the set menu offers the customer while also providing you with a financially manageable option.

Social Media
Jump on the social media and deal of the day ‘Groupon’ style websites bandwagons, which can fill your restaurant while allowing you to manage from a limited promotional menu offering. 

Loyalty Offers
Take some guidance from the coffee shops and try a loyalty scheme where diners get, for example, their 6th meal for free – everyone likes something for nothing.

Don’t cut corners by cutting costs on your staff – while customers want value, they still expect service, and your best staff are also your best salespeople!

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