Thursday, 21 February 2013

What Does Deep Duct Work Cleaning Really Entail, How is it Done?

Firstly this is not a job for the faint hearted. Deep duct work cleaning is hard manual labour that involves getting up in the very early hours of the morning so the work can be carried out with as little disruption as possible to the daily workings of a commercial kitchen. 

The process itself is extremely dirty as the walls of the duct are lined with grease and dust and given that this can be a breeding ground for bacteria such as Listeria, protective clothing and masks must be worn in order to protect the individual. 

Whilst pressurised cleaners and steamers can be used to clean canopy hoods there is only really one way in which to carry out deep duct cleaning. At Ingot Services our qualified and trained staff have to get inside the duct itself, so they must be able to identify and be aware of any potential hazardous and dangers, not just to themselves but also to their colleagues working with them. 

The duct can be tight, dark, very slippery given the amount of grease and dust and the smell is usually enough to put anyone off. If a ventilation duct has not been cleaned for some years, it will be in particularly bad shape which can lead to a fire hazard, attracting vermin, growth of bacteria, mould and bad smells; all of which can then start to pollute the air being circulated around the whole building. Commercial kitchen ducts are required to be cleaned every two years and even this relatively short time can be enough for a serious build up to develop over the duct walls. 

Before cleaning can commence there is some preparation to be done. If canopy hoods are to be cleaned the surrounding work surfaces should be covered with protective plastic sheeting. This will ensure that once the disinfectants have been applied and pressurised stream used to remove the grease and cleaning products from the canopy, the resulting mixture has somewhere to run onto. If pressurized spray and steam are not used, any residue removed when cleaning by hand, also needs to be captured safely and not left to contaminate the surrounding areas. 

The same preparation applies for the deep duct work cleaning. Whilst inside the duct our specialist staff will apply disinfectant and basically scrub the surrounding duct walls by hand. They do this until every flat service and corner join of the internal duct are shiny and clean. 

Whilst deep duct work cleaning should be carried out every two years there are more regular checks and procedures that can be carried out in between that time with regular inspection and cleaning or changing of the duct filters. Duct filters helps to reduce the amount of external toxins getting inside the duct system and if changed regularly these continue to stay effective. With deep duct work cleaning undertaken every two years, regular inspections and filter changes, you will ensure that air quality is maintained, health risks are reduced and cost savings made.

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