Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How To Avoid Accidents From Handling Deep Fat Fryers

The main hazard associated with deep fat fryers is burns. Burns from cooking oils can be very serious. Oil takes only 6-7 minutes to heat up but can take 6-7 hours to cool down.

Burns can be caused in any one of the following ways:

  • If hot oil or fat splashes when food or the basket is dropped in carelessly 
  • If hot oil spits or boils over
  • If there is excess water or moisture in the food
Additionally spilled or splashed oil on the floor around a fryer is a major slip hazard. Fire from ignition of hot cooking oil or fat is also a major hazard, deep fat fryers cause one fifth of all accidental dwelling fires in the UK and nearly two thirds of commercial kitchen fires are caused through cooking.

Here are ten tips to help minimise thee occurrence of accidents from deep fat fryers.
  1. Ensure all machines are isolated from power when in not in use and especially before cleaning.
  2. In the event of a fire never put water on a fat fire.
  3. Lower food into the fat slowly
  4. Never put wet food into hot fire.
  5. Oil spillages must be cleaned up immediately.
  6. Do not top up deep fat fryers with oil from large containers.
  7. Use covers to prevent accidental immersion into hot fat.
  8. Before refilling check the drain tap is closed.
  9. All kitchen staff must be trained in how to safely empty and clean the deep fat fryer.
  10. Allow the oil to cool for at least six hours before draining.

Deep fat fryers can also ignite due to a build up grease in the exhaust vent for the hot air produced during cooking. As well as following the tips listed above you should consider having your commercial kitchen deep cleaned on a regular basis by a specialist company.

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