Sunday, 30 September 2012

Regular Ductwork Cleaning Linked With Higher Workplace Productivity

Carrying out ductwork cleaning is an essential part of your regular cleaning regime. Although, while much of your cleaning can be done in house, with such an intricate network of pipework, and potential health risks, your ductwork cleaning should be done by a professional ductwork cleaning company in order to meet your legal obligations.

Who Should Carry Out Ductwork Cleaning?
According to workplace health and safety regulations building managers are required to ensure a good supply of clean air into the building, and to ensure that ventilation ductwork cleaning, as well as inspection and maintenance are carried out on a regular basis.

Furthermore, ductwork cleaning must be carried out by properly qualified heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals who have the correct tools and cleaning materials for the job and who can ensure that the specific standards of cleanliness appropriate to the environment are met. Proper records must also be kept, including photographic evidence. And building owners or managers who fail to ensure that adequate ductwork cleaning takes place face prosecution.

While the intervals between ductwork cleaning vary from industry to industry, every two years is often recommended. But it can be a good idea to have your ductwork cleaning carried out more regularly than stipulated, especially if there are reports of people feeling generally unwell within your premises, or if your building’s occupants are especially vulnerable (e.g. hospitals, care homes or schools).

Ductwork Cleaning and a Happy Workforce
Keeping your ductwork cleaning up to date can help to minimise the effects of sick building syndrome, deter vermin from nesting in your ducts, and help keep airborne illnesses at bay. And a healthier workforce make for a happier workplace, helping to engage employees, making them more productive and potentially increasing your bottom line - a welcome outcome, especially in the current economic climate.

In fact the International Centre for Indoor Environment & Energy at the Technical University of Denmark are carrying out ongoing research into the effects of air quality on workplace performance. In one report they state that "It has now been shown beyond reasonable doubt that poor indoor air quality in buildings can decrease productivity, in addition to causing visitors to express dissatisfaction. The size of the effect on most aspects of office work performance appears to be as high as 6 to 9%, the higher value being obtained in field validation studies. It is usually more energy-efficient to eliminate sources of pollution than to increase outdoor air supply rates."

Professional Ductwork Cleaning from Ingot Services
As well as being a member of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and a Safe Contractor Registered firm, Ingot Services are fully qualified and HVAC registered. Meaning that we are the perfect people to carry out your ductwork cleaning.

With us you will join customers from all over the UK, and from the whole range of industries, enjoying our highest quality work and enviable customer service, as well as our guaranteed unbeatable prices.

To find out more about having your ductwork cleaning done by the professionals at Ingot Services, please call us on 0800 731 7892.

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