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Ductwork cleaning – Dishing the Dirt on Ductwork Disasters

Ductwork cleaning - it’s easy to imagine that this is a simple task that could be taken on by anyone, saving the expense of calling in the experts. But with a multitude of nooks, crevices, corners, rises and falls, not to mention the parts of the ductwork which are normally inaccessible, your ductwork cleaning really does need to be done by professionals with the know-how, the experience and the tools for the job.

And without regular reminders it can be easy to forget how important your ductwork cleaning really is - especially because you can’t actually see the dirt building up inside them. But forgetting your ductwork cleaning can prove to be a disaster - one that could easily be prevented by hiring a ductwork cleaning company and tasking them with a regular ductwork cleaning schedule.

Ductwork Cleaning - What Could Go Wrong Without It?

A haven for dust and grime, all manner of nasties are attracted to your ductwork including a variety of airborne bacteria and mould. This can contribute to sick building syndrome, as well as attracting vermin and posing a serious fire risk.

Bio-aerosols, Germs and Bacteria
With millions of fungi and pollen spores floating in the air all around us, it comes as little surprise that ducts provide the perfect sanctuary to settle and grow. Out and about these would cause us little issue, but as they are sucked into ventilation systems, they join a multitude of different bacteria, some potentially harmful, settling within the layers of dust that stick to the insides of your ductwork. Carried into our air supply, these same fungi spores can cause asthma attacks, wheeziness, itchy or watery eyes, breathlessness and a blocked nose, as well as the possibility of ear and lung infections.

As well as minor viruses such as the common cold, your ducts may also play host to bacteria such as pneumonia, legionella and kiebsiella, causing fever, weakness and flu like symptoms, or even death. In more sensitive environments, such as hospitals and care homes this can be a particularly dangerous hazard, with superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C difficile) a disaster in the making.

This is backed up by studies by the Environmental Protection Agency, which have found that the air inside buildings can be as much as 70 times more polluted than the air outside. And by following a regular ductwork cleaning regime, many of these dangers can be kept in check.

Attracted to warm, as well as the relatively peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere within ductwork, rats and mice can be a problem that can quickly get out of hand. Especially as they breed almost continuously throughout the year. And cockroaches find the same places a haven for nesting.

Rats and mice are reported to spread over 35 diseases worldwide, including salmonella, toxoplasmosis, Weil’s disease, encephalitis and worms. These diseases can be spread to us through their faeces , urine and saliva, as well as through direct bites, or via ticks, mites or fleas who have fed on a rodent. Cockroaches are a similar public health risk, spreading food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhoea.

Regular ductwork cleaning will ensure there is less potential for nesting sites, and regular interruptions make a less attractive place for vermin to stay.

Sick Building Syndrome
While the precise causes of sick building syndrome remain a mystery, it has been established that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units are a contributing factor, circulating contaminants around buildings - especially if there is uneven or inadequate ventilation around the building environment. And if there are environmental changes affecting the air intake, for instance increased number of occupants, furniture moves, and internal structural updates, these can all play a role.

Common contaminants implicated in sick building syndrome include volatile organic compounds such as solvents, printed material, paints and the like, dust and fibres, bio-aerosols such as bacteria, fungi, moulds and the like, as well as trapped vehicle and industrial exhaust fumes, carbon dioxide, cleaning agents, pesticides and building materials.

While an inadequate HVAC system as a whole may be a contributing factor to sick building syndrome, regular ductwork cleaning will reduce many of these contaminants.

The grease and grime within your air ducts, especially in the case of those within a commercial kitchen, can cause another disaster with potentially fatal consequences. Just one small spark could cause a fire that could easily spread through your ducts and throughout your premises.

Regular ductwork cleaning will ensure that your ducts are as clear as possible, meeting your legal obligations, as well as making sure that your insurance is valid.

Ductwork Cleaning - Your Legal Obligation

It is for these reasons of health and safety that regular ductwork cleaning is, in fact, a legal requirement. Meeting these legal requirements can be made easy, however, by using a professional ductwork cleaning company, that can help you to understand exactly when your ductwork cleaning needs doing, and arranging a cleaning schedule.

As well as being a legal obligation, keeping your ductwork cleaning up to date can also help with your overall workplace productivity, helping you to maintain a healthy and happy workforce.

Ductwork Cleaning with Ingot Services

Ingot Services are your professional ductwork cleaning company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We have clients throughout the UK and from the whole range of industries - from Michelin star restaurants to pubs and cafes, from local authorities to schools and hospitals.

We are fully qualified, HVCA registered, and we are also members of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and a Safe Contractor Registered firm, giving you the assurance that our ductwork cleaning work meets your legal obligations. And with our price guarantee, you can be sure that our quote won’t be beaten and we promise to hold that quoted price for three years. 

To find out more about ductwork cleaning from Ingot Services, or to book a no obligation quote call today on 0800 731 7892.

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