Thursday, 2 July 2015

Air Conditioning Ductwork Cleaning – Summer Prep

Summer is Here – But is Your Air Conditioning Ductwork Ready?

As the weather steadily gets warmer across the UK, restaurants, hotels, pubs and leisure businesses of all kinds are in full swing for the summer season. Extra staff are on standby, ice machines have been switched on, and outside dining areas set up – but have you given a thought to arranging air conditioning ductwork cleaning?

If you run a pub, restaurant or other leisure business then your air conditioning is now an expected and essential facility. With air conditioning now commonplace in most workplaces and public buildings, including supermarkets, retail stores, shopping malls, leisure centres and so on, the public now expect restaurants and pubs to be kept at a comfortable temperature no matter how hot it may be outside. In fact, many people will seek out air conditioned environments to escape the heat of their own homes.

But air conditioning does more than just keep your employees and customers cool and comfortable – it also maintains air quality, filtering out impurities of all kinds including excess moisture, dirt, dust, pollen, fungal spores and other microorganisms.

As air is drawn through ductwork, some of these impurities inevitably accumulate on the surface of the ducts, providing a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and mould. Without regular air conditioning ductwork cleaning this build-up can reach dangerous levels, potentially affecting the quality of air being provided to your customers. In mild cases this can affect comfort – especially those with asthma and allergies. But in more extreme cases, dirty ductwork can cause serious infection. Where dust, fibres or other debris accumulate to high levels, it can also pose a significant fire hazard.

All ventilation ductwork is required to be cleaned at least every 2 years to avoid these problems, and needs to be carried out by an approved cleaning contractor. However there are other reasons for ensuring regular air conditioning ductwork cleaning:

Performance – Clogged up ductwork, fans and filters will prevent the air conditioning functioning properly. As well as not giving the cooling effect and air quality you need, you will probably find yourself continually turning up the power to maximum, with a knock-on effect on your electricity bill.

Health – Dirty ducts, filters and fans can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould of all kinds – so your air conditioning system could end up sending these unwanted particles into your premises for your employees and customers to breathe in.

Odours – As well as keeping air cool and clean, air conditioning has a big role to play in taking away unpleasant odours, particularly food and cooking smells which can be off-putting to customers. Keeping ductwork and filters clean helps to keep your premises smelling fresh, creating an attractive atmosphere for your clientele.

Our Air Conditioning Ductwork Cleaning and Inspection Service

If you've recently taken over a new premises you are immediately responsible for the state of the ductwork, no matter what condition it was left in by the previous owner. We can arrange to inspect your ductwork and let you know how soon a clean is likely to be required.

Inspections are also useful if you are not sure how frequently you need to have ductwork cleaned. Combining air conditioning ductwork cleaning with inspections you can, over time, find out the right frequency of cleaning for your premises.

Ingot Services provide expert cleaning services for industrial ductwork of all kinds including kitchen extracts and air conditioning ductwork. Our cleaning service can be arranged to suit your business, avoiding busy times – and can even be carried out at night if required.

Air Conditioning Ductwork Cleaning – Call us today  on 0800 731 7892 to arrange cleaning for your business premises.

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