Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Deep Kitchen Cleaning: Maintaining Top Levels of Hygiene in Restaurants

5 Reasons Deep Kitchen Cleaning Should Not Be Just "One Off Cleans"

Many restaurant owners only decide on deep kitchen cleaning as a one-off measure – perhaps when they are taking over new premises, or at the start or end of a season. However, this type of cleaning should be built into your schedule, to guard against problems before they occur. Here is a look at five reasons why deep cleaning is essential. 

1. Daily cleaning can't reach everywhere
Even if staff are following cleaning rotas diligently, the fact is that there will be places that they just can't reach – for instance, under or behind machines and counters. This means there WILL be build-up of dirt and grease in some corners or gaps. However careful you are in cleaning all visible areas, this build-up in the areas you can't see will eventually compromise your kitchen hygiene – so it needs to be addressed regularly. 
It is also vital to remember that grease will be building up unseen in your kitchen extracts, so a proper schedule for ductwork cleaning is another part of maintaining top levels of hygiene and safety. 
2. Proactive, not reactive
Deep cleaning is sometimes seen as an "emergency" measure – reacting to a perceived or actual problem. But this isn't the right approach to safeguard both diners and the restaurant's reputation. Instead, restaurateurs need to take preventative measures, and ensure that cleanliness is maintained at a high level as a matter of course.
3. A cornerstone of good food hygiene ratings
Having an excellent food hygiene rating is being seen more and more as a competitive advantage by food businesses. Many establishments with 5 stars display their “score on the door” prominently and there is no doubt that meeting this standard helps to attract customers. Regular, scheduled deep kitchen cleaning is a cornerstone of these ratings and helps to ensure that kitchens meet the gold standard.
4. Instil pride and professionalism
Regular kitchen deep cleaning sends a powerful message to all staff that your establishment works to the highest standards. Bringing in a professional kitchen deep cleaning company to carry out this task will set the tone and tell your own staff what you expect from them. This is likely not only to boost standards of hygiene generally, but also increase a sense of professionalism. Staff who are proud of the place where they work will be more motivated – and this will translate into general customer service and attitude.
5. It doesn't have to be disruptive
Many establishments put off deep kitchen cleaning because they can't work out how to fit it in around a busy restaurant schedule. But, as professional commercial kitchen cleaners, Ingot make it easy by arranging to clean at times which will suit you. If you have any concerns about scheduling, contact us and we will arrange a visit to look at what is involved and discuss your needs with you. We will also provide you with a certificate once the deep cleaning has been done, giving proof that your kitchen has achieved the highest standards of hygiene.

As commercial cleaning contractors serving businesses across the UK, Ingot can arrange a schedule of kitchen deep cleaning which is suited to the needs of your restaurant. We can also arrange one-off deep cleans where required. The areas we serve include Ipswich and Suffolk, Norwich and Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, London and further afield.
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