Monday, 12 November 2012

Deep Cleaning Your Office? Remember Your Ductwork Cleaning

When it comes to your office deep cleaning, it’s not just your ductwork cleaning that needs special attention. While regular cleaning in your office is essential, a week to week clean will normally only skim over the surface of the dust and dirt that builds up daily. This means that dirt and germs can build up in the nooks and corners - on things like computer peripherals, telephones and the like. And in an era when hot desking is the norm in many offices, germs are not restricted to any one person’s personal work space

Your Office Deep Clean - Taking Into Account More Than Your Ductwork Cleaning

As well as the desktop and equipment on and alongside it, your office deep cleaning should include fixtures and fittings, such as lighting, window furniture and your ductwork cleaning.

  • Light fittings

    These may just need a good dusting, but where necessary, your office deep cleaners should remove, clean and remount these for you.
  • Windows and frames

    While these may be cleaned regularly on the outside, during an office deep clean, your windows and frames should be cleaned thoroughly using professional cleaning products.
  • Window fittings, such as blinds

    If you have blinds, it will be easy to see the dust building up on each slat.  These should be thoroughly dusted, and again, where necessary, cleaned with professional products to keep dust and grime at bay.
  • Flooring

    Whether you have wooden flooring, carpet or tiling, your flooring should be properly cleaned using industrial equipment and professional products.
  • Computers and peripherals

    Over time, your computer, keyboard, mouse and peripherals such as printers and scanners can become worn and stained with ink and dirt. A professional deep clean can prolong the life of your equipment, as well as keeping them free of dirt that could cause clogs.
  • Telephones

    Due to the way that telephones are used, these need particular attention, to ensure harmful germs and bacteria are eliminated, particularly from handsets and push buttons.
  • Toilets and sanitaryware

    Toilets and sanitaryware need special attention and more rigorous cleaning - ensuring that every element of the washroom is disinfected and odour free.
  • Kitchen area

    If your office has a kitchen area, or even just a place where staff boil a kettle to make drinks, this too will need extra attention to ensure a safe environment for your workforce to handle their food and drink.

Within your office deep cleaning, it is important not to forget your ductwork cleaning.  An area that cannot be seen, ductwork cleaning may be easily overlooked, but as a legal requirement within a business premises, it is vitally important. As such it is also important to ensure that you choose a professional ductwork cleaning company, ensuring that you meet your obligations.

This will mean calling in two teams, and scheduling your ductwork cleaning company to work at the same time as your office deep cleaning team means that you can minimise disruption to your workforce.

Ingot Services - Your Ductwork Cleaning Professionals

At Ingot Services, we are specialists in ductwork cleaning - for offices of all sizes, restaurants, shops, schools and from the full range of industries. We are fully HVCA registered, as well as being a member of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and a Safe Contractor Registered firm, giving you the reassurance that our ductwork cleaning meets your legal obligations. And with over 25 years’ experience we have an enviable reputation for high quality work and exemplary customer service throughout the process.

To find out more about ductwork cleaning for offices from Ingot Services,  call today on 0800 731 7892.

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