Friday, 12 October 2012

How to Avoid a Fire in Your Kitchen Extract Fan

The number of commercial kitchen fires started due to dirty extract systems has increased. So what can you do to reduce the likelihood of a fire starting on you premises. Here are somethings you should do to prevent a fire:

  1. Make sure all your ducted systems are as safe as possible.
  2. Instigate daily on site maintenance - cooker hoods and grease filters should be cleaned daily, the former by wiping and the later by washing. To prevent the build up of grease and other hazardous waste.
  3. Have your systems cleaned regularly by a specialised duct cleaning company. The frequency will depend on the level of usage for cooking equipment;
    Usage           Hours per day          Cleaning frequency
    Heavy            12-16                        3 monthly
    Moderate        6-12                         6 monthly
    Light               2-6                           Annually
A reputable duct cleaning company will issue a completion certificate which your insurance company will need to see to ensure that you are insured for fire damage.

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