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Harmful Bacteria Germinating in your Ducts – Minimise the Risk with Duct Work Cleaning from Ingot Services

Keeping the germs at bay is an ongoing battle at any business premises and a good cleaning regime including duct work cleaning, is a necessity, rather than a luxury. As a matter of course, without regular duct work cleaning dust and debris will gather and collect within your ventilation duct work. These form a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, pollen and mould that are then blown out with your ‘clean’ air. It is for this reason that duct work cleaning is required by law to be carried out by properly HVCA qualified professionals, ensuring that a standard of hygiene is maintained wherever duct work is found in business.

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So What Sort of Bacteria can be Found in Duct Work?

Floating in the air all around us, there are millions of fungi and pollen spores, just waiting to find the perfect place to settle and grow. Normally these would cause us little issue. But as they are sucked into your ventilation system, they join a multitude of different bacteria, some potentially harmful, some unpleasant, settling within the piles of dust that stick to your duct work innards.

The Environmental Protection Agency has published studies showing that the air inside buildings can be as much as 70 times more polluted than the air outside. So apart from allergens such as dust and pollen, what else can be found?

Fungi produce spores, much the same as bacteria does. Outdoors these are no cause for concern, but as these settle and grow within your duct work, those blown out could cause asthma attacks, wheeziness, itchy or watery eyes, breathlessness and a blocked nose, as well as the possibility of ear and lung infections. These can easily be kept at bay with a regular duct work cleaning plan.

And as well as minor viruses and common colds, the types of bacteria that may be hosted within your ducts include pneumonia, legionella and kiebsiella, causing fever, weakness and flu like symptoms. In more sensitive environments, such as hospitals and care homes this can be a particularly dangerous hazard, with superbugs another issue.

How can Duct Work Cleaning Help?

While duct work cleaning will not eliminate these contaminants, as most are a part of our natural environment and move through the air constantly anyway, it will certainly remove excessive levels of them and improve the quality of air within your business premises. So duct work cleaning will decrease their effect on the people moving through your business.

At Ingot Services we are fully qualified and trained for your duct work cleaning. We use specialist equipment, cleaning right through the system from start to finish. Issuing a certificate on completion, with us you can be sure that your duct work cleaning has been done to the highest of standards, satisfying your legal obligations, and also demonstrating to your workforce that you are genuinely concerned with their health and safety.

Find out more about DuctWork Cleaning from Ingot Services or call to book a no obligation consultation today on 0800 731 7892.

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