Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Residential Care Homes Wise Up To Kitchen Fire Hazards.

Expert kitchen cleaning service, Ingot, move to help reduce the risk of life-threatening fires for the elderly and vulnerable in care.

Commercial kitchen fires can cause huge amounts of damage to buildings and equipment. The full force of the flames can take hold rapidly and present great danger to anyone within the vicinity. Imagine, therefore, the seriousness of such a fire breaking out in a residential care home where several people, often infirm and with special needs, might need to be evacuated swiftly.

Managers of most care homes will know to take preventative measures wherever possible, avoiding putting human life at risk. Fire safety legislation clearly lays out steps that need to be taken and potential dangers are clearly identified. Some hazards however can be less easy to see and often overlooked and this has certainly been the case with kitchen ventilation and extracting systems. Where grease has been allowed to build up, so do the odds for a fire to break out.

Ingot Services work within strict regulation guidelines, travelling across the country to clean commercial kitchens for a range of establishments. They are specialists in kitchen extract cleaning, duct work cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning and can provide companies with a Certificate of Cleanliness – often essential for insurance purposes.

Alan Maynard, Managing Director of Ingot explains why it is so important for care homes not to take short cuts with the cleaning process or worse, ignore altogether: “Sadly, there are managers and business owners who chose to turn a blind-eye to something that can cause such devastation. A regular deep clean of all the equipment, especially greasy extractor systems, is a simple and sensible way to reduce risks. It is much better to be greeting our team of professionals regularly than face the potentially awful consequences of loss of life when it could so easily be avoided.”

Ingot Services delivers cleaning confidence and maximum safety for kitchens within all types of residential care homes across the country.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning - give Ingot a call on 0800 7317892 for a free kitchen cleaning quote.

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